How do tech and flex affect your work environment? Join our study and let us know!

Why this panel study?

Over time, many new forms of work have emerged as a result of major trends such as the ever-increasing digitization and flexibilization of work. Think for example of the large groups of self-employed, freelancers, and platform workers in the Dutch labor market. Also, people are increasingly confronted with new technologies in their work situation - think for example of the enormous increase in digital work as a result of COVID-19. The aim of this study is to investigate the changing quality of work for both traditional and new groups of workers in the Netherlands - think for example of the (experienced) working conditions, well-being and financial situation of different groups of workers. By doing this systematically, every six months, we want to create a reliable picture with regard to the quality of work for these groups of workers in Dutch society. This research is led by researchers of the department "Organizational Dynamics in the Digital Society" of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The research is also sponsored by the Municipality of Rotterdam.

Why participate?

By participating in this study, you will gain more insight into your own work experience, working conditions, and well-being by filling out the questionnaire. Moreover, you will help academic researchers from Erasmus University to determine the quality of working live for different groups of workers. As compensation, we offer a small annual fee of 5 euros in appreciation of your participation in this research. We will send you two questionnaires per year, which will take about 15 minutes of your time. You will be paid after completing the final questionnaire for that year.

Who can participate?

Anyone between 18-67 who is working in The Netherlands can participate! In addition to the large group of employed workers, one of our main aims is to also include new groups of working individuals such as self-employed, freelancers, platform workers, to participate in this panel study. It is also possible that you combine your regular job with additional work-related activities. If you are such a "hybrid worker" we'd be honored to have you in our panel as well!

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Who is conducting the Panel Study?