New elective on AI and work offered by ODDS

15/06/2021 - Starting 2021-22, ODDS will offer a new elective on artifical intelligence (AI) and work to all faculties. 

In 'Artificial intelligence: The present and future of work' we will consider what happens if AI is used in the workplace to (attempt to) 'augment' or even 'replace' people. These questions are becoming increasingly urgent as employers experiment or implement data-driven technologies and machine learning. In practice, we see a variety of developments around work. In some sectors, for instance in financial services, many tasks can be automated. Yet, new types of work are also emerging with AI, such as cloudwork.

In this course you will learn how you can contribute to debates and practical dilemmas about AI and work from different social science perspectives. Starting from the idea that technologies never act alone, but depend on social institutions and relations, we will discuss the consequences for different aspects of the work context. Examples of topics are: the practical and ethical dilemmas facing professionals such as surgeons or judges, the effects of national policies, the reproduction of existing inequalities, and underlying notions of ‘intelligence’ that shape technologies. We also turn the debate around: what do developments around AI tell us about the role of work in our lives? 

Students interested in following the full master programme Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society can find more information here