Graduation projects 2020-2021

In February, ODDS students started designing their graduation projects and many are now coming to an end. Students joined a thesis group or chose an individual topic, leading to a variety of incredibly interesting projects focussing on topics such as from platform work to the management of software introductions. Examples of this year's thesis titles are: 

- A sociomaterial perspective on labour union change in context of platform work: A case study into Dutch labour union FNV
- Understanding technological frames of keys actors in the digitalization process of a pathology department
- “What’s in the frame?” A qualitative study on stakeholders’ technological frames of artificial intelligence in recruitment in relation to diversity policies
- The digital transformation of SME’s: The role of the Province of South Holland in supporting this group
- The effects of employees’ attitudes towards technology on job resources and well-being

And more will follow; big compliments to our students!