Organisational Dynamics in the Public Sector during and beyond COVID-19

This project researches the ongoing changes in organisational dynamics and its consequences among employees in the public sector. The project performs hands-on research on the consequences of how disruptions like COVID-19 change the way in which jobs have changed, and how this impacts the motivation and wellbeing of workers. It also analyses the changing nature of hard and soft skills needed for jobs in the public sector in this digital age.

Our collaborations
  • Municipality of Rotterdam – Veerkrachtig ‘R
  • drs. Joëlle van der Meer - PHD student DPAS
  • Prof. dr. Bram Steijn – Vice dean education ESSB
The project is conducted in the context of the Kenniswerkplaats Organisational Dynamics in a Smart City; a research initiative which enhances social impact by performing research based on real-life questions about organisational dynamics for the public sector.

Municipality of Rotterdam